Welcome to My Blog

Hello, everyone, It’s me Hawa Lebnan. I am a USA based web designer. Web Design is my passion. I am a creative and elegant designer. I have done a lot of sites redesign and also done some new site design. I am working since 2010 on designing. Just recently I have started learning WordPress and Bootstrap to become a front-end developer. Before these, I have already learned PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 basics. So below list of skill I have.

My Current Skills:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP

What will I like to learn Next?

As of current trend just designing is not enough. So I have to learn something which one is trending right now. So I have found 3 things WordPress, Bootstrap, AngularJS and NodeJS. So I have already started to learn WordPress and Bootstrap. After those, I will start to learn NodeJS and AngularJS.

Current Status of Learning Bootstrap


OK, Right now I am learning Bootstrap JS components and already CSS components are done. After that, I need a lot of practice and then I will learn LESS and SASS for developing and customizing bootstrap core.

Current Status of Learning WordPress


WordPress is a blogging platform. But right now people using this as a CMS and It’s very powerful. Also, my blog is powered by WordPress. So what is my current goal of learning? Well, It’s a good question. Currently, I am learning WordPress theme development. Theme development is the best way to start learning WordPress development. For learning WordPress Theme development I have to start with a starter theme. So I have found _s starter theme. But the main problem is not included with bootstrap. After a lot of search on Google, I found this starter theme called StarterTheme which one is built with _s and Bootstrap on GitHub.

OK, After learning theme development, I will start learning plugin development. So I can implement some new features to my client’s web site.

Why have I opened this blog?

Well, I have opened this blog to share my work, experience and what I am learning new. Also, I will share some new tips and trending technologies information. Follow my blog Hawa Lebnan.